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Mini Cooper Register Rally, Beaulieu National Motor Museum – Sunday 13th June 2021

by admin
Mini Cooper Register Rally, Beaulieu National Motor Museum – Sunday 13th June 2021

Attended by Nick, Dawn, Rob, Jean, Jerry, Jack, Iain and his friend Colin (Nick thinks that's his name!!!).  A very eventful start to the day with Nick arriving early at the meet point in Marlborough and receives a call from Jean, her battery was flat!!  So from Wootton Bassett to Marlborough then to Swindon to the rescue, on his way he past a mini going in the opposite direction, he suspected it to be Jerry, battery sorted and it was back to Marlborough where it was confirmed that it was Jerry on his way to the meet point.

With everyone at the meet point off they trundled, just outside Salisbury Jean lost all power and another rescue required but this time it seemed a bit simpler as turned off the ignition and turned the key to start it again and luckily it did start.

Not far from the forest Jerry got split from the group at a roundabout, not used to being in convoy he did not realise that a trip round the roundabout would be made to ensure all were together, not sure if he had gone the right way the group stopped in a layby to see if he appeared but after a few minutes it was apparent that he was not going to so the decide to head on their way again, but oh no another car disaster, this time . . . Dawns!!!  With that sorted they finally arrived at the motor museum to find Jerry had already arrived, they were directed to a parking area by the marshal which was right next to the dusty road!!!  Then Iain appeared and advised he was told to park there also but he ignored the instruction and found a space further in the field, there was loads of space around him so they moved.

Finally there and parked up it was out with the stove for well earned teas, coffees and of course bacon butties (can't break the tradition!!!)

The weather was fabulous, the show was low on traders but a good day was had by all with lots of chatting and of course food (too much as always!!!)

Mini and Metro Show, Gaydon – Sunday 6th June 2021

by admin
Mini and Metro Show, Gaydon – Sunday 6th June 2021

Jean, Nick and I, with my brother and nephew in tow, met at the services in Cirencester at 7.45am for a set off at 8am, although I went to the an old meeting point so ended up being late!!!!

We arrived and the stove came out and kettle straight on, then the banner was put up followed very closely by the sausages and bacon being cooked for butties.  Ollie (my  brother) went off for wander then so in true sister style I ate his butty, there were only 6 rolls between 7 of us so it worked out quite nicely for me!!!!!

The sun shone so after butties Jean, Nick, myself and my nephew Max ventured out for a wonder around some of the stalls then Max an I went in to the main museum, when we came out we realised our timing was perfect as it had rained.

We all reconvened back for lunch and a chat, then it was a look around the relatively new building that was an overflow of vehicles to the main museum and houses the first gear less mini as well as the last on off the production line.  We looked around the cars in the show and the last few trade stands before back for scones, jam and clotted cream!!!!  We then packed up the banner and loaded up the cars and then it was homeward bound.

The sun shone most of the day and I got sun burnt!!  There were a few showers but it did not spoil a good day and of course good company.