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Malvern Festival of Transport – Sunday 11th October 2020

by admin
Malvern Festival of Transport – Sunday 11th October 2020

Nick was going to this one on his own, I showed a bit of interest on going but was not going to commit as I was not sleeping too well and was not fathoming early mornings at this time so I made arrangements that if I was feeling up to it then I would attend in the Citroen and park in the general parking.  I was up early and the weather was sunny so I set out with a stop at Tesco express to grab a meal deal for lunch to go to the Three Counties Showground where this event was being held, it was all outdoors and was well attended with show cars, traders and food stands, there was also a flea market but this you had to pay entry to separately.  After a look around the trade stands and the show cars and having a chat with a few mini owners we headed back to the car for a bite to eat.  After our stomachs were full another look around the traders and enquire about entry to the flea market, as it was late in the day they only charged us £2.50 each so we went to have a look, it was huge, in the outside as well as in the hangers, these had one way systems in / out and around them.  A cake stall took my fancy so we had some sickly sick (huge) slices of cake!!!  Then it was time to make a move home, it was a nice day and for me it was good to get out and do something and get my mind off my troubles if only for a few hours!!!  The good weather helped as well of course.