Castle Combe Mini Action Day – Saturday 30th September 2017

Castle Combe Mini Action Day – Saturday 30th September 2017

The weather had been predicted as storms but it was OK. The sun came out for a bit and Herby's hood went up and down a couple of times but it didn't really rain until we were leaving - it's always great to get everything put away dry.


We had lots of successes: Iain's shiny red mini came in the top 25 so did a lap of honour around the track at mid-day. Nick's lovely Riley Elf came in the top 50 and took part in the 3pm parade.  Personally I thought they were much nicer than the show winner which had been modified almost beyond recognition.


Also on a personal note, I am always on the lookout for minis like mine at shows. I spotted a red cabriolet in the distance and had a chat to a man with a Neon who was proud that he had kept it “so original”.  He had put mini light wheels on and it had a badge bar and spotlights on the front so my ‘Little Min’ remains much more original.  His had a sun-roof, like the one in another club I used to belong to - it was a factory option apparently.  The one from that club was sold and completely changed.  I have seen less Neon’s in original form that genuine cabriolets since I have had them (14 and 11 years respectively).


My successful selling: 2 carpet sets, one radiator grill, 2 D sets and a wheel-camp (to another club member) covered my purchases for the day: second hand back windows for Little Min, fuel filter, washer jets and window winder stickers for hiccupping Herby. The mini handbags were tempting but not mini enough prices.  I also won a bottle of Cooper wax on the Mini Sport stand.


We signed up a family of three as new members at the special show price and look forward to seeing them soon. The son had learnt to drive in the mini and takes it to work sometimes.  He also has a bike license and a Chinese 125 and dad had taken his CBT that morning!


There was a very good selection of trade stands selling new stuff, and blankets on the ground/fold-up tables selling old rusty bits, plus the usual over-priced food and drink outlets. One of our club friends was thrilled to get a window winding mechanism.  It looked intriguing and almost sculptural.


Herby hiccupped home glad to be carrying a bit less than we came with - hopefully by the time you read this his hiccups will have been cured!!!