Mini Fixers St Georges Day Run – Sunday 23rd April 2017

Mini Fixers St Georges Day Run – Sunday 23rd April 2017

I found out about this event at the last minute and decided to go.

Starting from Fairford at 10.00am a short treasure hunt to Bourton on the Water to meet at the Cotworld Motoring Museum. It had been arranged in advance for us to park in the front of the museum which got attention from the many tourists who were sightseeing there, they took great interest in the minis lined up and took a lot of photographs of them.

We went in to the museum at a reduced rate as our cars had drawn a lot of attention so the museum had increased interest that morning so it got more customers in through the doors.

The museum was surprisingly interesting and with a lot more exhibits than you would think by looking at the outside which made it appear to be quite small. It has a number of exhibits from classic cars, motoring memorabilia, toys, motorbikes, caravans and is also the home to Brum.

It took a while to leave for the next leg of the hunt as so many people were interested in our cars and were asking lots of questions, especially of Julian's Mayfair as it has got a motor bike engine head on it.

We finished up at Chedworth garden centre where a table had been pre booked for lunch.

This event was well organised with a lot of thought put in to stopping points by Julian Moy and his partner Meri.

The weather was just right for mini driving.

A very enjoyable day.