Gloucestershire Steam and Vintage Extravaganza, South Cerney – 5th – 7th August 2016

Gloucestershire Steam and Vintage Extravaganza, South Cerney – 5th – 7th August 2016

Myself and Steve arrived about 5.30pm on the Friday evening and began setting up camp, soon after Nick arrived and set up camp and then called to get a taxi home to pick up another car only to be told by the taxi firm it would cost him £50.00, so he called Kev to come and give him a lift. Finally about 8pm Steve and I fired up the BBQ to have something to eat just as David arrived, we were going to wait for Nick to return but it was a good job we didn’t as he didn’t arrive back until about 10pm.  After a few drinks we retired for an early (ish) start on Saturday to set up the gazeebo and the display boards.  Nick had gone down to the bar and had an extensive tour of the camp site on his way back, allegedly he walked out of the main gate 3 times!!!

Saturday morning we took the cars up to the club stand to see that Dawn and Rich Clark had already arrived. After setting up the stand the stove was on for the well needed cuppa and the BBQ fired up once more and Steve and myself had a full breakfast whilst everyone else had settled for butties of some description.

After breakfast it was time for a wander to see what the show had to offer. A lot of traders, club stands of classic cars, motorbikes, tractors, military vehicles and steam engines, with the small steam engines running to show their capabilities, craft tent and lots lots more.

Steve’s youngest arrived with his girlfriend and the dog around lunch time, Rich Clarke was having his lunch, he took his eyes off his plate for one second and the dog nicked his sausage, a very funny moment for everybody but Rich.

Another mosey around and then back to the camp site for a BBQ and more drinks and a trip to the bar. We retired a bit weary and light headed so to speak.

After a very windy night we arrived on the club stand to find that the gazebo had received a battering. Stove on for a cuppa and BBQ fired up for butties.  A wander around the show and watch some of the vehicles going around the arena and the air display.  Due to the sheer size of the show we could not do it all justice.  Back to the stand for lunch and a rest and a chat.  A sunny but very windy day which saw the end of the gazebos life as the wind was too strong and it began ripping at the seams in a number of places leaving it unrepairable!!!  Around 3.30pm it was time to pack up the boards and the gazeebo and venture home.