Bowling and ‘Food’ – 29th June 2014

Bowling and ‘Food’ – 29th June 2014

Finally after 3 attempts of trying to ‘pin’ people down to find a date for a bowling ‘social’ event we met at the end of June.  It was decided we would have 2 games of bowling at Bowlplex, Longwell Green but I had a lot of deliberation about where to book to eat that was affordable and good value for money, Frankie and Bennies and Nandos was ruled out and I decided that a local (ish) pub to the Bowlpex was the best find.

Unfortunately Dawn got held up on her holidays and Len turned up a week early!!!!  But we didn’t have a bad turn out with 4 of us bowling and 6 of us for food.

We met at the Bowlplex, and had 2 games of bowling where I must say I was not on a ‘roll’ but I blamed it on my shoulder problems, which of course it was!!!  Oh and Nick went sliding down the alley!!!  Then once the 2 games were up we all started to get ourselves sorted to go and get some food and the computer started up another game, Gremlins in the system??!!!  But someone soon realised and after a few minutes the computer then said ‘no’!!!

After the bowling we jumped in the cars and trundled off to The Star Inn, Pucklechurch where we had a very nice and great value for money roast dinner, lots of chat in a good atmosphere.

A couple of people had dessert (including Nick, of course) then we went our separate ways, homeward bound.  On the way home a couple of us had some issues, Nick’s car seat (where he had too much cake!!!!) collapsed and I ran out of fuel a couple of miles from home (and the petrol station).  I should have filled up before going but I was running late so thought ‘I’ll be ok’, how wrong was I!!!  Luckily a friend came to my rescue and picked me up, took me to the petrol station and then back to put the well needed fuel in my car!!

Apart from the homeward bound issues and the absentees a good day was had by all.