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Brooklands Mini Day – 22nd March 2014

by admin
Brooklands Mini Day – 22nd March 2014

There was Mini madness at the annual Brooklands Museum event that celebrates everything good about this iconic brand.

Brooklands Mini Day is known for being the first big outdoor show of the year and although it focuses predominantly on classic Minis, a lot of new MINIs were on display at the historic location. In particular, Surrey New MINI had around 25 MINIs in its club display with a range of models from all generations too. Minis of all ages filled the Motoring Village, Finishing Straight and round by Concorde and the Aircraft Park.

Driving skills could be tested at this show if owners decided to take part. The 352-feet long famous Test Hill is made up of three sections, starting with a gradient of 1 in 8, then 1 in 5 and the top third has a gradient of 1 in 4. Minis of all ages were invited to try and make the climb in front of a large audience. If this challenge didn't appeal then you could experience a part of history by walking along the remains of The Banking race track at Brooklands, which is always swarmed by Minis. The Show and Shine wasn’t run this year due to very little take up in 2013 thanks to the cold and sleety weather. Thankfully spring had already arrived at this year’s event!

Around 800 Minis filled the site, which meant there was plenty to look at and of course, it's a great place to meet new people and chat about these wonderful little cars that we all love so much. In all, just over 3,500 people came for the day whether to marvel at the Minis, browse the stalls in the trading village or just soak up the Brooklands atmosphere.