As a member of the Six-Ex Mini Owners Club I hereby agree to the following rules and conditions;

  1. The Annual General Meeting is to take place on the last Sunday of the month of October or within one month of this date in the event of the date clashing with a show, work commitments or the venue being unavailable
  2. A democratic election of Committee Members at the General Annual Meeting
  3. Memberships for the current year (2019/2020) will be £12 per person per annum
  4. Committee must consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two additional social members (5 persons in total).  Other roles will be Magazine Editor (which includes fliers and events lists), membership coordinator and Webmaster.  In the event of a resignation of any member the remaining Committee reserve the right to cover additional roles from within or appoint a replacement from the general club membership for the remainder of the year
  5. No liability is assumed by the Six-Ex Mini Owners Club, its Committee, Members or Agents acting for or on behalf of the Club, for anyone or anything at all, unless negligence or otherwise is proven under UK Law
  6. All Members vehicles participating in any road event whatsoever must be roadworthy, have a current MOT, insurance and tax if applicable
  7. The Committee retains the power to apply disciplinary action to any member who for whatever reason is deemed to have driven or acted irresponsibly and so by doing so has bought the Six-Ex Mini Owners Club into disrepute
  8. It is the responsibility of club members to look after their own possessions brought to club events.  The Six-Ex Mini Owners Club third party liability insurance does not and cannot provide cover for such items and as such the club accepts no responsibility for damage, loss, theft or misuse howsoever caused
  9. The Club shall not be liable for any payment or commitment for payment made by a member which does not have approval of the Committee.  Approval can only be given by a majority vote in favour made at a full Committee meeting.  The Committee may at its discretion allow Club officials to make purchases up to a value of £25 without prior approval

If you would like to become a member please either get in contact with Rachel or email us for an application form. Membership only costs £12 per person annually.