Club Social BBQ – 28th June 2015

Club Social BBQ – 28th June 2015

Celebrating 20 years of the club

This year’s BBQ was held at Rich and Seb Bolwell's house in Westbury.

We had warm fine weather and congregated in a very pleasant garden.

There was a good turn out even though there were a few people that unfortunately had to cry off at the last minute.

Seb laid on lots of lovely food, there was even a separate BBQ for vegetarians and vegetarian snacks.

Rich made a good chef as Seb ensured that our glasses remained full.

One of the Six-Ex founder members, Andy Down, graced us with his presence with his family.  He confirmed that the club was formed 20 years ago so next year we will 21.

Many thanks to Rich and Seb for being our host and hostess for this year’s celebration.